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Our goal and objective is to place rescue dogs into caring and loving environments and enhance the love of the breed. Any actions contrary to those stated above should be brought to the attention of TSCA Rescue. Our objectives:

  • To educate the general public regarding the importance of researching any breed of dog before buying from a responsible breeder or adopting from a reputable rescue organization.
  • To make available information on Tibetan Spaniels in regard to history and temperament.
  • To educate the importance of spaying/neutering all pets as it relates to overpopulation and health. To spay/neuter all dogs before placement in adoptive homes.
  • To take in Tibetan Spaniels that have no other place to live and place them with loving, lifelong, adoptive families.
  • To test each dog for temperament and to place the dog in a home suited to his temperament.
  • To carefully screen each potential adopter.
  • To take back any Tibetan Spaniel that is adopted anytime throughout the life of the dog should the adoptive home no longer be able to keep the dog.

The Tibetan Spaniel Club of America DOES NOT breed rescue dogs, sell rescue dogs for profit or release a rescue dog for any form of research.

Rescue Guidelines

  1. A rescue is any Tibetan Spaniel who is without an owner or owners and is homeless for any reason.
  2. A Tibetan Spaniel who is owned by a person or persons is not considered a rescue. Rescue service is not a placement service for those who do not want to keep a dog. Assistance will be given on space available to find a home for unwanted dogs.
  3. A Tibetan Spaniel in need of a new home, who is owned or bred by a member of TSCA Inc. is not a rescue dog but the responsibility of the owner(s), and/or breeder of record. Upon being notified that a dog owned or bred by them is in a potential “rescue” situation, the breeder(s) or owner(s) of record will be expected to rescue said dog(s) or will otherwise be expected to fully reimburse all expenses incurred by the TSCA, Inc. for any dog(s) rescued by TSCA, Inc. Reimbursement will be expected within 90 days of the date of the rescue and notification, or prior to the next dues renewal cycle, whichever comes first. Any such unpaid reimbursement will be considered a debt to the Tibetan Spaniel Club of America, Inc., which if not paid in full, per the above criteria, will result in the member being deemed “not in good standing with the Tibetan Spaniel Club of America, Inc.” and thus ineligible for membership, voting privileges, the breeder referral list , or to advertise in the newsletter.
  4. A rescue that is a biter or terminally ill should be humanely euthanized.
  5. All rescue dogs MUST be spayed or neutered before placement.
  6. We do not purchase dogs nor do we sell dogs. We do, however, ask for donation to help fund the program. This is usually $250.00.

For information concerning Rescue, please contact the Corresponding Secretary, Susan Mullins.